Pai, Thailand Travel Information

A quick drive from Chiang Mai town is one of the most stunning and pretty small towns in Thailand. The town is called Pai Thailand and it’s a calm laid back location situated in a scenic little valley. A short time ago it wasn’t too well known, but recently it has become a favorite spot for Thai’s and foreigners alike, looking to remove themselves from the hustle bustle of city living. You’ll find yourself sent back in time in Pai Town, with the old Thai type buildings throughout the town and bamboo bungalows for those searching for a traditional Thai escape. We have many More Thailand Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Once you travel to Pai Valley Thailand there’s a good possibility that you will be entranced by its beauty just as some prior visitors have. A good number of the transplants in Pai Thailand came for a short time and never left. They fell in love with the town and it’s chilled out mood and chose to call it their home.

Getting Here and Around

Those choosing to make the excursion to Pai Town have various methods for getting there. The safest way is to take the orange public buses, which are inexpensive and will ply the twisting and winding roads at a sedate pace. Those who are adventure seekers or simply in a hurry to reach Pai Town can take a private van from Chiang Mai, however be warned that the drivers really race along the roads with no concern for safety, their’s or yours! Once you get to Pai town you can get around easily on foot or by renting a bicycle. For longer trips to the outskirts of Pai you can rent a motorbike very cheaply.

What to do and What to See

There are a variety of Wats, or temples, located around Pai Valley Thailand and one of the easiest to visit from the town center is Wat Mae Yen. This temple is perched on top of a small hill and gives a wonderful view of the rice paddies around Pai Thailand, the surrounding mountains and of Pai Town itself.

A little further out from Pai you can see the Mo Pang Falls where a cooling swim or thrilling water slide is possible all year round. You should also take the time to stop by Pai Canyon, located on the way to the Pai Valley from Chiang Mai. A short climb will get you an amazing view of the Pai Valley, Pai Town and the surrounding mountains. Pai Valley is also a great place to see the sunset dropping behind the mountains. Either place can be easily reached by motorcycle.

Two of the very popular activities for travelers to Pai Thailand are the elephant rides and river tubing or rafting. You can ride on the bare back of an elephant through the jungle or through the river, however be cautioned…if you choose the river safari you will get wet! Of course if you like to get wet then you can’t skip the river rafting and tubing down the Pai River. Tubing trips are usually half day affairs and are fairly calm, however the rafting trips can be several days long and take you through the rapids of the Pai River.

Or just do nothing, sip Chai tea, chill out and watch the day go by. That is also a top tourist activity in this charming town. Urban development recently has seen Pai Town losing its small town charms a bit. Get here quick before it becomes another over-developed tourist spot. We have many More Thailand Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.