P90 Workout-A Perfect Weight Loss Solution

P90 or Power 90 workout is the brainchild of famous personal trainer Tony Horton who released this simple workout from home way back in 2001. The sheer popularity of P90 prompted him to release the upgraded version in the name of P90X in 2004 which has approximately sold over 2 million copies. However, despite P90X popularity the ease of P90 has kept it in fray till now.

P90 is a 90 days weight loss program which accompanies 2 DVDs containing a cycle of six workouts. Out of these six, two describe “Sculpt Circuit” workout, two “Sweat Cardio” workouts and two “Ab Ripper” routines. These six workouts are slowly increased in intensity with each of the 4 stage of this p90 workout program. The increase in intensity is completely at the discretion of the person following the program and he or she can do so judging the adaptability of his or her body.

All the three set of workouts namely the sculpt, sweat and ab together require almost 45 minutes of involvement with the first two taking major portion of this time. The ab routine hardly takes 4-6 minutes. They consist of some yoga and some mix of martial arts and general movement of specific body parts and this is why the practitioners find them quite easy to carry out.

As can be observed that this slim in six workout or p90 workout does not involve the complications which are present in P90X program. Neither does it require lots of space or equipments as against P90x. However, this does not mean that it is in anyway less efficient than the P90X. The P90X program is to be followed by persons who have the capacity and stamina to do so as it is quite tough for the starters whereas P90 can be performed by anyone who is beginning right from the scratches as it does not need you to be physically fit. It is a better option for the starters to follow P90 for the prescribed time and then graduate to P90X for better results and comfort.

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