One Page Vs. Two Page Resumes

The desired length of a resume can vary depending on the profession, school district, country, etc. When crafting your resume, you want to make certain that you meet the potential employer’s guidelines or preferences. Some hiring organizations will post a maximum page limit on their job advertisement. If this is the case you must make certain that you follow the instructions – this also goes for any other specifics mentioned regarding your job application documents. If they do not make mention of their desired resume length, here are some basic guidelines you can follow for creating an appropriate and appealing resume.

Generally if a person is applying for a job in the trades in Canada or the United States, a one page resume will suffice. However, if you have many years of experience, numerous courses and qualifications, or other crucial pieces of information you wish to share, then by all means go on to the second page. On the other hand, if you do choose to use more than one page, make certain that you fill up almost, if not all, of the entire second page. If your writing only fills up a few lines or even just a quarter of a page, take out unnecessary or repetitive information, or change the formatting of the document to make everything fit neatly onto one page, while still ensuring that the text is legible and well spaced. Regardless of your experience and credentials, most employers in a trade will simply scan the first page of your document to make sure you meet their needs.

If applying for a teaching position, the desired length of a resume can vary depending on the Principal/ Superintendent or school district. If you are unable to identify whether a one page or two page resume would be better, seek advice from an insider, i.e. a recently hired teacher or an administrative member. If you still cannot find the answer and would prefer to err on the side of caution, create two separate resumes. Develop a two page document first and take out little extras or repeated information to condense it into a one page resume.

As far as other professions go, each employer may have a different preference. As long as you have included all pertinent information, without adding “fluff” or “filler”, you should not have to worry too much about length.  Regardless of the length of your resume, remember that it is not quantity that counts; it is quality. Always make certain that your documents showcase your experience, education, outstanding achievements, professional development, etc. These are the most important parts of a resume to worry about. If you are concerned about what kind of resume would suit you best, do not hesitate to contact a professional resume writer. They are trained to address your questions and concerns and develop a working document that is right for you.

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