One-Hour Fat Loss Workout Program

A fat loss program should optimally consist of one-hour workouts. The one hour is adequate to incorporate all essential exercises that will make loosing body fat not only possible, but also fast.

A single workout should for example incorporate 20 minutes of aerobics exercises. This should be repeated at least three times every week. Aerobics helps the body builder to burn body fat while simultaneously building on endurance and blood flow efficiency. Such exercises like riding a stationary bicycle or a real bike around a few blocks, or even jumping a rope, are ideal for this workout segment.

The next 15-20 minutes should then be dedicated to weight training. This should also be repeated thrice during a week’s training. Experts acknowledge that weight exercises are at the very heart of all successful fat loss programs. Weight training does not only help increase muscle mass but it is the single most effective way of stimulating maximal body fat combustion. Weights help build new muscle tissues. New tissues mean an increase in the metabolic sites and thus the result is always a higher metabolic rate. With a high metabolic rate, aft is broken down faster, effectively and completely leaving none to be deposited in solid forms within the body. Muscle replaces body fat tissues when one is consistent in lifting weights. When dieting, more fat is burnt by lifting weights while at the same time, the muscle mass already present is preserved.

Breathing exercises must also be incorporated in the workout, preferentially occupying the first ten minutes of the workout and then again the last five to ten minutes. Proper breathing helps increase oxygen extraction and absorption in the lungs. With adequate oxygen, cells can burn more fats and do it more efficiently.

The workout routines should also be changed monthly to incorporate weekly general activities like walks, jogs and hiking. When a body builder intent on loosing weight integrates more activities into the usual routine, he or she is better able to stay active. Such activities should consume about an hour each day. Just don’t overdo it.

A body builder should always remember that Rome was not built within a day’s length. One hour workouts bring results in terms of fat loss only if the body builder is patient, persistent and consistent. Most people spend their lifetime accumulating body fats and generally getting their bodies out of shape and still want to get rid of the fat in a matter of hours. Nobody can naturally get in shape within a few days even if he or she pumps in as much of the deadly fat loss steroids in the market today. Getting in shape is a lifetime commitment and what a few days of workout does is to improve the body and stimulate it to health.

That is why the one hour fat loss program must be persistently pursued not only to loose the accumulated body fats but also to ensure that no fats will ever be accumulated in future. Nothing worthwhile has ever or will ever be achieved overnight. The focus ought to be establishing a lifetime commitment rather than a few days’ thrill.

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