One Farmers Insurance Agents Experience

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Article – One Farmers Insurance Agents Experience Working for Farmers.

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Right now you are debating whether to start a career with Farmers Insurance. You are so excited at the thought of owning your own business. What a wonderful opportunity. How can you start up your own business in America for almost no money? Your District Manager has told you and shown you that there is no better opportunity in America than a Farmers Insurance Agency to develop your own small business. And they will pay you a subsidy of up to $1,500 per month for expenses. What an amazing deal!

Please keep an open mind, and read for yourself what a former Agent of two years has to say about Farmers. At the end of this article I have links to documentation showing that I exceeded my quotas, was a hard working, successful Agent, and still ended up being let go from Farmers Insurance.

The Farmers group of company’s are actually a pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, where only the District Managers and the heads of the company make money, the Agents just get knocked down, and I’ll explain to you how this happens.

Of course, their are a few Agents in each District that are successful and are making the six figures that your District Manager is promising that you will make, but these agents are only ‘show pieces’. Nine out of ten Agents work 18 hour days, sign up their network of friends and family, cold call for new business, then are eventually rooted out, having their clients that they brought to Farmers given to those few successful ‘show piece’ Agents, and the rest to the company itself (the District Managers). This is so the company does not have to pay the commissions to the Agents. This way the Farmers Company makes more money.

I’m sure your District Manager has told you, “after the first year, you’ll earn between $35-$50k, then it doubles after that, and then you’ll hit six figures after two or three years. After two or three years, you’ll be earning six figures, or close to it on renewals alone.” Please listen to me when I say that this is complete B.S.

Farmer’s requires that in order for you to convert from a ‘reserve agent’ to a ‘career agent’ that you sign up 30 or 40 clients (depending on your contract). These 30 or 40 clients are typically your friends and family, because they are the easiest people to persuade to sign up. Then once you turn to a career agent, you are told that the World can be yours. This is where the pyramid scheme begins.

For me, within three months, I had converted to a career agent and was doing great. I had brought in over $125,000 in New Business Premium to Farmers. Within’ six months I had brought in over $225,000 in NBP. I put 75 hours per week into my agency, and at the suggestion of my District Manager, I poured my life savings into my agency. The District Manager said that for every dollar I spent on marketing, I would get two dollars back with the Return On the Investment that I would be getting. Needless to say that this ROI was not true, and now I am broke and on the brink of declaring bankruptcy.

Just see how your District Manager reacts when you ask them about the ‘running to daylight numbers’ that you have to make. This quota is virtually impossible to hit, and if you don’t hit it, you owe back all of the subsidy that Farmers gave you! Farmers is a pyramid scheme because they get the business of your 30 or 40 friends and family that you signed up, then slowly squeeze the life out of you until you end up broke and have to pay them back.

I’m not just some dead beat who couldn’t hack it. As I stated previously, I have documented, proven track record of my sales. Farmers sets their agents up to fail. This way they make more money, because they don’t have to pay commission to the Agent. The only ones who get rich are the District Managers and the executives in the company such as Tom Hopkins.

Don’t walk away from becoming a Farmers Insurance Agent, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I swear in the end you will make more money flipping burgers at McDonalds.

I spent $2,000 per month on advertising at the suggestion of my District Manager, I hit my sales quotas and now I’m in debt to Farmers for over $6,000, and I brought in over a $250,000 in premium to them. In the end, I spent over $18,000 on trying to grow my agency, and now I owe Farmers $6,000! I think you would agree that this is not a ‘wonderful’ opportunity.

If you don’t believe me, click on this link below, and read testimonies of the thousands of former & current Farmers agents. This link connects you to the United Farmers Agents Association. Look around this forum. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Save yourself, your relationship with your family and your sanity and don’t join Farmers Insurance.

Here is the link to the United Farmers Agents Association.,1685

Here is the link to documentation that shows that did in fact hit my quotas and actually won a few awards for the amount of production that I brought in.


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