Oil Rig Work Resume – What Makes Your Oil Job Resume Different from Others?

In the recent labor market, employers may have more than 300 resumes to consider for the same positions. Particularly, in the positions available at offshore oil companies the competition of qualified candidates is intense. So, the most successful method of reaching the goal is to make your resume stand out alone among the applicants. Professional resume and cover letter will raise your chance on further interviews and job offers.

In your oil job resume, you have to call attention through the persons who will give you a position with successful key statements that can get them seriously thinking about you and choose you to his/her company. The strong recommendation on the oil rig job resume is to fill up most related experience and knowledge required to show that you can perform effectively in the offshore environment.

Key Statements

There are some suggested key phrases that you should comprise into your oil rig resume as following:

  • I have no problem of being away home for long periods of time.
  • I like getting to know people and can easily get along with them.
  • I don’t mind to take load of orders and works during my free time when require.
  • I can be good responsible worker when I am un-supervised and can surely get my work done well.

Things to remember

  • Use bullet statements when appropriate:
    Bulleted information is more readable and can make the resume stand out interesting more than the same information contained within a paragraph. Use bulleted information for sequencing the information by starting with a general statement and following with more specific ones.
  • Use plain english:
    The reader would be more impressed with your intelligence of not using big words on your resume. Keep things simple! Go easy on the adjectives and strongly concern about grammatical constructions.

Steps to the successful resume

Your oil rig resume will get better respond if it is well organized and comprised with the appropriate information that meet your professional purposes on oil rig position.

  • The first is to prioritize and list the most relevant work experience regarding offshore work experience.
  • The second is to include an objective and conclusion of your qualification on top of your resume.
  • The third is to combine the strategies and resume writing techniques as much as you can.

Preparing the effective resume is a unique challenge because of the length that can make the resume boring and lost some important data. Therefore, you should try prioritizing your unique experience and skills on offshore work to be presented in the first or top of your resume. Then follow with the details of relevant education, employment or academic experience. In this way you can maximize most important criteria which you do not want to be overlooked by Oil Rig Company committees.

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