Number One Ab Exercise for a Sexy Six Pack

In order to get a shredded six pack, you must train and sculpt your abdominal musculature with effective ab exercises.  But that’s only half the battle! 

To have your toned abs finally become visible, you must burn off the layer of fat that is covering this hidden treasure.  Now let me share with you an ab exercise that causes you to achieve both of these goals simultaneously!

You see, most ab exercises train your abs in an isolated fashion.  This will work your midsection, but does not contribute to a fat burning effect.  The ab exercises that I recommend are specifically designed to reduce body fat, in addition to strengthening and developing your abs.  Even better, these ab exercises jack up you metabolism, which burns calories even after your workout is over!

Now let me show you a great exercise that has the dual effect that we just mentioned.  I call this exercise the Parallel Bar Knee Raise.  This is not an exercise for beginners.  This movement does require a solid base of upper body strength.  This is how to do it properly:

Parallel Bar Knee Raise- With locked elbows, support your body on parallel dip bars.  Keep your upper body as upright as possible.  Flex hips to a 90 degree angle.  This is the starting position.  From this position, bring knees up to chest and contract your abs.  Return to starting position and repeat for the prescribed number of reps.

Again, this is somewhat of an advanced exercise.  Those of you who have trouble doing it should start off by strengthening your abs with a variety of less difficult exercises.

One  great exercise that helps prepare you for the Parallel Bar Knee Raise is the Reverse Crunch.  Begin in a horizontal position and progress towards vertical as your abs get stronger.  In just a short amount of time, you will be moving on to more advanced movements.

Work hard, expect results and go get your six pack abs!

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