North Island in New Zealand

North Island in New Zealand is full of discovery, from adventure to experience and take a look at New Zealand culture. Not to also mention the breathtaking landscape; huge range of marine life, bays, beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, rivers, rainforest, amazing cities and many more to be offered in North New Zealand. New Zealand also offers range of hotel deals to choose from. Calling internationally has never been easier and cheaper using phone card or calling card . Lose yourself in New Zealand. Below is top 5 favourite travel places to go when visiting New Zealand North island

1. Bay of Islands

 You can find a variety range of marine life in 144 islands that can be found in Bay of Island. You can see whales, dolphins, pinguins, marlins, enjoy the beaches, bay and many more. Bay of island is said to have the best maritime in New Zealand. This bay has been visited by many range of people from around the world; best place for golfer, good catch for fisherman, maritime researcher, nature or maritime lover,and those who are simply be tourist. Bay of Island also is a paradise for divers. The best ways to see bay of Island is by cruise or kayaking

2. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro park is a must visit in New Zealand north island; it is one of the oldest national parks in the world and rated as World Heritage Park. What makes this park a wonder are the 3 amazing volcanoes ; Mount Nguruhoe, Mt Ruapehu and Mt Tongariro. It is one of the favourite destinations for skiing too as it has regular snowfalls throughout the winter. However, this volcanoes mountain is still active and it is best to check the volcanoes information before your visit. Trekking in the Tongariro National park is the favourite as it is also the best way to have the superb view of the inside.

 3. Coromandel Peninsula

Experience hot spring in Coromandel Peninsula in the beach in Coromandel Peninsula. As the water in the beach is indeed from volcano warmth( it is different from the water from the beach that you have visited before, that is spa temperature water), you can enjoy your own personal spa in coromandel Peninsula. If you choose trekking in Coromandel Peninsula, you will also encountered unique rainforest, which has the tallest fern tress in the world. In addition, Coromandel Peninsula also has one of the best climate in New Zealand.

4. Rotorua

Another places famous for volcanic activities is Rotorua. Waimangu, Whakarewarewa and Waiotapu has impressive hot springs, volcanic terraces, boiling pools etc. Gorgeous lakes, native bushes, Maori culture can all be found in Rotorua. You can discover Rotorua by all sort of activities including trekking, swimming, take a 4WD ride. To discover all the fantastic things of Rotorua, you have to reserve more than one days off your holiday

5. Auckland

Listed as one of the best place to live on earth is Auckland. It is one of the most pleasant cities on earth. In New Zealand, it is the biggest city which offers a range of shops, tours, restaurants, cafes. Other than the top 5 destination to visit while you are travelling on North Island in New Zealand, you might want to visit Wellington as well. Wellington is the place where the filming crew and cast of Lord of the Ring spent much of their time at. You can also access to South Island from ferry terminal at Wellington. When you are visiting for a longer holiday in North New Zealand, prepare yourself to go to explore Far Cape Reinga , Hokianga Harbour, Tutukaka Coast, Waitomo Caves , Hawkes Bay, and Tutukaka Coast and many more others. There is so much to see in New Zealand. Explore more of the beauty of New Zealand !

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