Non Medical Term Life Insurance: How To Buy Instant Issue Coverage Without An Agent

Today Consumers are living in a world of instant information: In the decade of wanting everything completed in minutes, is there any surprise that life insurance companies would create instant issue policies for consumers who want to obtain instant quotes, apply, purchase, pay for and receive instant protection online? This gives buyers the ability to reduce the application and approval process time from months to days or in some cases minutes and also improves the overall buying experience.

What exactly is Instant Issue Term Life Insurance?

Instant Issue term life insurance is a convenient term life insurance policy for those that prefer to avoid dealing with scheduling agent appointments or feeling as though they are being sold a policy with more bells and whistles than they may actually need. The whole process can be initiated by answering some simple health questions and submitting an online application through an agency or carrier online platform which allows the consumer to research, compare, and immediately buy a policy without even talking to the agent unless they want to, there are generally no medical examinations (blood and urine samples) required to put the policy in force. This simple convenience can make a not so enjoyable process to be quick and painless and allow a family member to obtain some basic form of insurance protection to cover against a tragic loss or sickness.

The convenience of Instant Issue term life policies is not without a small catch. Typically the coverage levels are generally between only $100,000 and $500,000 at most and at a slightly more expensive monthly premium in some cases. As such the insurance company is able to underwrite a consumer without any medical examinations at lower face amounts.

Fully underwritten policies can now also be taken simply by quoting online from the agents site and submitting a request for the agent to contact the client to verify the information by phone, for these cases that are larger or require a medical exam the agent completes the application for the consumer online and submits it directly to the carrier with little more than a phone consultation. Depending upon the carrier, the newly protected client will receive the application via email for an e-signature and schedule a simple in home medical exam by phone.
New Married Couples and New Families

Suited best for new families or those starting a family, Instant Issue term life insurance can be thought of as a quick solution to your life insurance needs. This process allows you to get approval for term life insurance within minutes of completing the application. Allowing you to simply compare, shop, buy, and be approved all within the same day.

Remember, life insurance coverage is intended to protect you and your loved ones in the unfortunate circumstance that you pass away. Ask yourself could you or your spouse and children survive financially or live at the same comfort level if you lost a spouse and there income unexpectedly? Term life insurance is an affordable way to cover your needs at any stage of life, and offers the added benefit of allowing you choose your coverage amount and term length.

As you can see there is a wide range of options available to you. These days you can run instant online quotes directly from the internet or have agents take your application by phone. However, what type of policy is right for you depend on many factors, and your insurance advisor can assist you in determining which policies are most beneficial for your situation. Your best option is to buy direct from an agent’s site and shop from there if you have questions or concerns that agent or agency will provide you full support and direction. Most agents represent many carriers and will give you non biased recommendations depending on your needs and budget.