No Refusal, No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The general public is becoming more aware of a popular life-insurance policy with no medical exam. The basics of it are that it cuts out the examination process that one has to go through to get a policy. This is one of the main reasons that is why it is gaining such popularity today. Because there is no medical exams it means that refusal rates are almost zero.

That being said some applicants will be turned down because of the risk that they pose to the insurance company. They do have a minimum term for a policyholder to have this level of coverage before making a claim and some people do not meet that criteria.

But overall, people who are terminally ill or are suffering from an underlying condition can get some sort of coverage with no medical exam  life-insurance. Also those who have been refused in the past because of their age will find that they are also legible for some level of coverage.

No medical exam life-insurance is something that is gives an alternative to an already competitive market. Many individuals will find that they are shopping around for different life-insurance policies and may consider getting a quotation from a company that offers one with no medical exam.

At the moment it is not available on the popular insurance comparison sites and you do have to go through a specialist broker to get a quotation. This is the downside because it may take a little bit of time and research to get a decent level of coverage and a premium that is manageable.

Overall the fact that there is no medical exam to take makes this type of policy an attractive one to a wide range of consumers. With more information being published about no medical exam life-insurance companies more people are starting to take notice of this type of coverage and are considering it whether they have been refused or not.

No medical exam coverage can be a very easy option for a lot of people as they do not have to go through the lengthy process of applying when applying for insurance.