No Credit Check Florida houses and homes

Believe it or not there are houses and homes available throughout the state of Florida with no credit check  and no qualifying. This means you can buy or rent a home based on what you feel you can afford and that your credit score or lack thereof will not be a deciding factor.

In todays economy even those with good credit are finding it difficult to get a bank loan to purchase a home due to more stringent requirements of qualifying in general. This is not lost on many saavy investors or real estate companies who have several vacancies due to the economic downturn throughout Florida who are more than willing to allow buyers to purchase with no credit check financing.

If you have avoided purchasing your dream home due to your credit rating do not allow that to be a factor anymore. Buy your Florida home today and view the vast selection available and you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can buy today and again with no credit check.

Price isn’t a factor either as you can get 20,000 homes or  2 million dollar homes and more without qualifying and no credit check in Florida. You can also get rentals with no credit check if you prefer. Even a house on the beach or a lake or in a suburb the choice is yours and the options are many so if you ever thought about making a move up or down now is the time to make a move to buy or lease your new house or home in Florida with no credit check.

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