New And Used Cars – Car Insurance Advantages And Disadvantages

Often the next step after buying your new vehicle is to take out car insurance so you are protected if a collision occurs. Finding the best insurance deal is still possible during the recession and premiums can be significantly reduced if you shop around. Many drivers choose to purchase cars from websites and internet auctions and they benefit from the vast choice available online. Indeed, shoppers are likely to have found the number of cars available has recently increased, especially used vehicles.

Motor trade analysts, EurotaxGlass, recently released figures which indicate that the decline in enquires for new vehicles have had a positive impact on the used car trade. Retailers have responded to the decline by snapping up used cars, meaning that prospective motorists have more choice when choosing their vehicles. Consequently you may be able to find the car which is the cheapest for you to insure as premiums are dependent on the make, model and age of the vehicle.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used car depends on your budget but both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of motor insurance. For instance, if your car is fairly cheap to buy the insurance tends to be lower as parts are likely to be more affordable. However, if your motor is past a certain age Insurers can consider it unreliable and a hazard and consequently increase your premiums.

Newer cars sometimes have insurance included although if they are involved in a collision parts will be more expensive and when the time comes for you to pay the policy it may prove costly. An advantage with newer vehicles is that they often feature devices which make it difficult for the car to be stolen, such as immobilisers.

Car security can play a large part in the price of your policies and this means an older vehicle without anti-theft devices may prove more expensive in terms of insurance. When you are browsing for your car remember that the larger your vehicle the more costly your insurance payments will be. If you can get by with a small economical car you will reap the benefits as these kinds of vehicles attract the most affordable premiums.

Be aware that any cars you buy that have been modified can have a negative impact on your insurance. Modified motors significantly increase the amount you pay as the car is considered more of a hazard. Both new and used cars have higher premiums if they feature metallic paint as this is more expensive to replace than non-metallic varieties.

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