Natural Omega3 Fish Oil Supplements – How to Avoid Synthetic Fish Oils

Do you know how to spot a natural omega3 fish oil supplement from a synthetic one?  This article explains what to look for so you can avoid getting a non-natural supplement.

Getting natural omega3 fish oil supplements is pretty important because it all has to do with your body’s bio-availability of the supplement.

Let me explain what I mean…

Once your digestive system converts food particles into natural molecules that the body can easily absorb, the food particles are said to be bio-available to the body.

In other words, bio-availability is necessary in order to reap the benefits of taking a natural omega3 supplement.  The more natural the molecular structure, the better.

So when it comes to evaluating omega-3 supplements, you need to be aware of the form that the oils in.  This may be a bit tricky because some companies use very sneaky tactics to sell more product.

Basically, you want to make sure that there’s natural omega-3 and fish oil in the supplement you choose. 

There are two forms on the market that are natural and one that isn’t.

A natural fish oil is in a triglyceride form.  It’s actually the oil you get when you squeeze a fish and extract the natural oil from it.  However, the extract itself is not that concentrated and it often contains contaminants like PCBs, mercury, and dioxins.

The second form of natural omega3 is ethyl ester oil.  This is a result of concentrating natural fish oil and molecularly distilling it to remove contaminants.  This is still considered a natural form because it’s the result of a process that occurs naturally in the body to allow for bio-availability.  This is the most ideal type of natural omega3 fish oil supplement.

What you want to avoid is those supplements that has been concentrated (therefore turned into ethyl esters first) and then re-converted back into triglycerides (which is a synthetic form).

The reason you don’t want this type of supplement is because the original position of the triglycerides carbon bonds change and the molecule’s overall structure is altered.  Part of it becomes foreign to the body, which negatively effects the bio-availability of it.

There are a few other things you should look out for when searching for a natural omega3 fish oil supplement as well….

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