Natural Makeup Look Tips and Natural Pageant Makeup Tips – How to Get a Natural Makeup Look for Pageants, Weddings, Kids, Special Events and Everyday

Need ideas for creating a soft natural makeup look for everyday use, a Wedding or
Special Event, or for a Natural Pageant?  Outlined below are suggestions for a natural makeup application for three different age groups.

Natural makeup suggestions for younger girls: 

1.  Lip Gloss can smear easily on the face and dress, so if this will be a problem, instead of a Lip Gloss try using a Lip Liner pencil.  Simply turn the Lip Liner pencil tip on its side and ‘color in’ the lips.  The drier consistency of the Lip Pencil will be less likely to smear.
2.  Using a soft medium-sized Blush Brush, apply a soft pink or peach high-pigment Blush to her cheeks, selecting a tone that will coordinate best with her dress color.
3.  Add sparkle to her eyes by applying a small amount of loose Eye Shadow Dust in an iridescent white, pink or peach to her eyelids.   
4.  If she can be very still, you can attempt to apply Mascara to her upper lashes. 
Natural makeup suggestions for older girls:

1.  To start, dust the face lightly with a loose face powder.
2.  High-pigment Eye Shadows in neutral tones such as browns, beiges, pale pinks and soft peach tones will compliment her eyes without appearing heavy.  If choosing a pale pink or soft peach eye shadow to blend with the brown eye shadow, be sure to select the color that will best coordinate with her dress color.
3.  If she likes a little sparkle on her eyes, use a loose Eye Shadow Dust in a soft iridescent white, pink or peach on the eyelid to add shine.
4.  Lining the eyes along the top lash line with a brown Eye Liner pencil will help her eyelashes appear thicker.
5.  Finish the eyes with Mascara, applying from the base of the eyelashes to the tips.  Mascara can be applied to both top lashes and bottom lashes, if preferred.
6.  Using a soft medium-sized Blush Brush, add color to her cheeks with a soft pink or peach high-pigment Blush, selecting the one that will coordinate best with her dress color.
7.  A Lip Liner pencil can add definition to her lips, just be sure to apply a very soft line in a similar color tone as the Lip Gloss. 
8.  Finish with Lip Gloss to add shine.
Natural makeup suggestions for women:

1.  Apply a very lightweight liquid or powder-based foundation to ‘even out’ the skintone.  Carefully select a tone that is an exact match for your skin – check that the color matches in natural daylight.
2.  For dark areas under the eyes, use an opaque concealer product for coverage – carefully pat it in the area.
3.  Blemishes can also be hidden by dotting an opaque concealer directly on the spot.
4.  Brush a loose powder softly over the foundation to ‘set’ it; this step will provide a smooth powder canvas for your powder eye shadows and powder blushers, and will help your colors stay fresher longer.
5.  If your brows are pale, use an Eyebrow product to softly define them.  Comb a clear Eyebrow Fixative product into the brows to help the eyebrow hairs in place.
6.  Next, use a brown Eye Liner pencil to line along the top of the lash line (you can also add a thin line under the outer corner of the eyes for added definition). 
7.  Using a sponge-tipped applicator, apply a high-pigment Eye Shadow in brown in the outer corner and crease of the eyelid.  Apply a pale pink or soft peach shadow on the lid.
8.  If you prefer shimmer on the eyelids, add a small amount of loose Eye Shadow Dust in a iridescent white, pink or peach to the eyelids.
9.  Apply Mascara to the eyelashes, from the base to the tips.  Mascara can be applied to both top and bottom eyelashes if preferred.
10.  Next, softly line the lips using a Lip Liner pencil, then fill in with a Lip Gloss in a similar tone.
11.  Apply high-pigment Blush to the cheeks using a soft medium-sized Blush Brush.  Use a light application, then add more until the desired effect is achieved.Extra tip:  For a sun-kissed look, try sweeping a very small amount of high-pigment Blush in the crease of the eye, over your brown eye shadow.  Don’t overdo!Another tip for all ages:   For prettiest results, use Lip, Eye and Cheek tones of the same color family.  For example, use a peach blush with a peach lip gloss and a peachy-toned eye shadow to accent the brown eye shadow.

WHY select highly-pigmented makeup colors?   Makeup colors that look best for photography and stage are usually highly-pigmented, meaning they contain strong color pigments and are not sheer.  A highly-pigmented makeup color product will allow the user to apply a small amount to achieve a bit of color or it can provide darker, dramatic color when applied more heavily.  This allows flexibility for the user to achieve her preferred look.  Along with being longer-lasting, the strong color pigment in highly-pigmented makeup colors will hold up against the harsh lighting from cameras and stage lights (no washed-out, ghostly makeup looks). 

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