National Park Kornati – Exploring The Beauty Of Croatia

National Park Kornati is the unique group of islands in the Mediterranean. Today’s name Kornati is derived from the Italian name Isole Incoronate, which means crowned islands. As George Bernard Shaw wrote — “On the last day of The Creation God wanted to crown His work and He created Kornati Islands from the tears, stars and His breath.”

89 islands, islets and cliffs scatter over an area of about 300 km 2. Highest point of the National Park is 237m (Peak Metlina) on the island of Kornat. The deepest point of the sea is at 123 m. National Park is also called “nautical paradise” and is mostly visited by nautics. We have many More Croatia Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

When walking and exploring the Islands one thing tourists must know is, although declared a part of the National Park, the continental part of Kornati is completely private property of local residents. If you plan to visit NP Kornati please keep in mind that it is a park of nature and is under special protection. According to that set of rules and regulations are precisely stated in the Book of Rules in Kornati National Park Area.

So what you definitely must visit while exploring the Islands?

First of all, you can visit Islands by boat (either private or rented) or you can come as part of some organised excursion. If you are a fan of diving and exploring underwater worlds there are seven areas of the national park that are assigned for diving visits. You can arrange your visit with one of the diving centers which have authorization for performing this kind of the activity in the National Park. Another beauty of the National park that you just cannot miss is Kornati “crowns”. They are the most popular phenomenon of the Kornati islands — vertical cliffs of the Islands facing the open sea and they stretch under the sea, too. The longest “crown” above the sea level is situated on the island of Mana (1350 m).

Another beauty of the Islands, the Belvederes, is impossible to explain so I will just name some of them — Metlina (the highest and most impressive peak), Otocevac, Opat, Vrujsko, Litnji vrh,… You can also explore Illyrian ruins from prehistoric times, Turet Fort from 16th century, Venetian castle also from 16th century, or you can taste a real life by Kornati way, living in a Kornati family for a couple of days or months, cruising, fishing, diving and swimming in crystal blue sea, observing the wild herbal and animal world.

Whatever you choose, whether you come on a one day excursion, or cruise a few days, or rent an apartment to stay on Islands — you would still wish you’ve had another day to stay longer to enjoy in Kornati Islands untouched natural beauty. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.