My Faster Computer = – How to Remove My Faster Computer Quickly from My PC

Fake security programs have spread all over the internet. My Faster Computer is one of the rough programs. Do you not know My Faster Computer is fake antivirus program and have it on your computer?

Once installed My Faster Computer will start up every time your computer does and give you a fake report telling you that that your PC is filled with viruses and malware. This is all done to trick you into buying their program. My Faster Computer will even disable your legitimate antivirus program and tell you it is infected and in then try to uninstall it or tell you to do so.

You can get rid of My Faster Computer by finding out how to remove My Faster Computer from your PC. You can do it yourself if you feel comfortable enough manually deleting program files and editing your registry or there is an automated solution. The most important thing in manual removal of My Faster Computer is to end all the related processes and then you can move to the following steps.

#1 Restart your computer in safe mode and then start task manager by pressing the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys together. Once you have done this go to processes and stop anything related to My Faster Computer.

#2 Delete these files which can be found in the program files folder: adc32.dll, My Faster Computer.

#3 Once you have done this you will need to edit and remove My Faster Computer entries from your registry as well.

If you prefer a safe and automatic way to remove My Faster Computer, you should delete the program by your security program. If your current security program can not detect My Faster Computer, your best choice is Spyware Cease, which can effectively destroy all the background processes and remove My Faster Computer immediately. With Spyware Cease, you do not have to worry about system crashed by My Faster Computer and other rogue programs.

No more waiting! Download Spyware Cease and see whether My Faster Computer is detected immediately.

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