Mutual Funds With Low Minimum Investment

Many people are unaware of the advantage of mutual funds with low minimum investment. You don’t have to have a huge sum of money already saved up in order to get started with investing.

While Royce is popular, the thousand-dollar minimum can hold people back from starting up their investment. But did you know that the Hodges Fund, Pax World Investments, and the Amana Trust allow clients to begin their accounts with as little as $250? Much more possibilities open up when you have access to mutual funds with low minimum investment. We have many more Mutual Funds Investing Help Articles Now Available.

The Hodges Family Fund
The Hodges Fund is a family of five funds, but has only one set with a low minimum investment. While the other four have a minimum of $1000, this fund one allows for only a fourth of that amount to be present at the time of account creation. The Hodges fund is multi-cap stock, and owns stocks in small caps, large blue chip companies, and other sources. Its goal is growth of capital over a long period of time, and its success in achieving this goal has one it the Lipper Fund award five separate times, an award reserved for only one mutual fund in each of the categories tracked by Lipper. It is possible for investors to begin with a smaller investment in the Hodges fund, and then make an exchange on the shares to bigger funds once their investment has grown.

The Pax World Investments Family
Pax World Investments has a family of seven different no-load mutual funds and a minimum investment amount of $250. Pax World focuses on investing in those companies who clearly display that they have business models capable of flourishing over time. For this reason, the fund increase a growth, small-cap, international, high-yield, and balanced funds. Specialties include Global Women’s Equality Fund and the Global Green Fund. “Smart Money” magazine placed the Pax World Balanced Fund in its list of best performing mutual funds with low minimum investment.

The Amana Trust Group
Lastly, the Amana Trust is a group of three different stock mutual funds managed under Sharia principles in Islam. They are Amana Income, Amana Growth, and Amana Developing World. All of these funds are no-load, and the minimum investment to open a regular account s $250. For IRA accounts, it’s even lower, at a total $100. Amana Income was founded in 1986, Amana Growth in 1994, and Amana Developing World in 2009. Morningstar has given the three funds a rating of five stars, and Lipper ranks them in their top five. We have many more Mutual Funds Investing Help Articles Now Available.