Must Visit New York Tourist Attractions

New York tourist attractions have thrilled visitors from all over the world. Popularly known as “The City That Never Sleeps” and the “Big Apple”, New York has some of the most amazing tourist sights, along with a huge variety of entertainment options. There are limitless photographic opportunities, sightseeing tours and historical landmarks. If you are visiting the city and want to make sure that you do not miss any of the best New York tourist attractions, read on….New York Tourist Attractions:
Places You Should Not Miss
Here are some of the must see New York tourist attractions you should not miss.
1.The Empire State Building: This is definitely a must see. Get to the top of the Empire State Building and check out the amazing view of New York City. Take in the view from the Observation Deck on the 102nd floor or from the outdoor observatory on the 86th floor. If you want to avoid waiting in line for your ticket, you could buy your tickets in advance through the internet.
2.Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty stands as the symbol of American freedom. It was gifted to the United States by the French to honor the friendship that was established during the French revolution. It is a welcome sight to the immigrants who come to the United States in search of a better life.
3.The Rockefeller Center: The Rockefeller Center is a great spot for tourists visiting any time of the year. Situated in midtown Manhattan, the Rockefeller Center is known for its Top of the Rock observation deck, Christmas tree, Radio City Music Hall, ice skating and numerous other shopping and dining options.
4.Times Square: This is another most popular New York tourist attraction. Most of the people have either seen (if not visited then in movies) or at least heard about Times Square. It is well known for its huge neon and television signs. It is the heartbeat of the city and symbolizes everything New York represents.
5.Central Park: Escape from New York’s concrete jungle and take a stroll, ride a bike or even take a boat ride in Central Park. There are a numerous recreational activities to choose from and something special is always going on, such as the Central Park Film Festival. The best part is that it is free.
Make sure that these places are planned in your itinerary. If you are visiting New York, make sure you visit You can buy tickets in advance through this site and even get an opportunity to try various other special packages to visit the many New York tourist attractions.

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