Muscle Building Workout Routines for Skinny Men

For long the fitness industry has dwelled a lot on developing ways and techniques of losing fat, not paying leaving the skinny fellow out of the equation. It is a proven fact that ladies admire a guy who is confident. A guy’s confidence can be greatly boosted if he is well endowed with a perfect muscular body.

It is quite rare to find a muscle routine that will make the person using it acquire lean body mass. Most people start quite well in the early stages of the program and actually get bigger but it reaches a point where you remain constant no matter what you try out, you don’t get any bigger. No matter where you seek to find advice you are fed with a lot of conflicting ideas until in the end you become more confused than you were in the first place. Unlike what most people think learning muscle gaining techniques is not like rocket science and they are normally not that difficult as people make them out to be.

There are several routine programs that have helped a lot of skinny people out there attain those perfect biceps and abs. A muscle routine program should include these three components to help you gain lea muscles consistently if you are a skinny person

Component No.1 Heavy weights coupled with high intensity.

There is a very common saying among bodybuilders which proposes “no pain no gain”. This saying actually hits the nail on the head in that muscles will only react and grow when it’s trying to oppose a force that is greater than itself. You will experience a lot of pain after heavy lifting in the beginning but if it becomes part of your daily routine your body muscles will naturally adapt. This is actually one of the primary reasons why heavy weights are quite necessary for the continuous gain in muscle mass. High intensity in short means doing the work out continuously without break, ensuring that muscles do not have sufficient time to recover and hence attains muscle overload faster. You reach muscle overload when you are unable to handle any more weights hence your muscle is ready to recover and grow.

Component No.2-Diet containing natural high protein food

The fundamental building blocks necessary for the muscles to grow and become bigger are proteins. When you neglect eating a high protein diet you might as well pack your bags and call it quits. At this point it’s good to point out that when we say proteins we imply the natural ones and not the artificial proteins (steroids).This is because apart from the health risks associated with taking steroids they can inhibit serious muscle building by making the environs less conducive. You should there fore take thing like eggs, red meat to name but a few.

Component No.3-Rest

This component is usually ignored by many muscle builders. Rest is an overriding factor to gaining more muscles. If you do not give your body enough time to rest you might actually lose the muscle you had been striving all along to get.

For your success to be guaranteed it is vital that you pay each of this components the attention they deserve.

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