Muscle Building Workout Routine For 6 Pack Abs With a Sexy V-Shaped Body and Toned Gluteals

Your goal may be weight loss, weight gain, bodybuilding, toning, endurance, walking or running, interval, circuit training or sports-specific. But first a warm up is always the first phase of an exercise program followed with a pre-exercise stretching before going to main workout. To gain muscle mass, your goal should be body building.

Here is a sample bodybuilding workout that can be used by anyone aspiring to join a Mr. Muscles competition or just simply wanting a body similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. This routine is in the premise that the person has no serious medical ailments and can do weight lifting.

Warm up. The 10-15 minute warm up could be a jogging or a walking with or without the use of a treadmill. The warm up allows a gradual redistribution of blood flow to the active muscles. Also, It increases the stretchability of the connective tissue in other muscle components.

Do a 10 – 5 minute stretching. Stretch the part of the body to be worked on. A couple of different stretches are available depending on the targeted body part that will be worked on.

Some of the different stretching maneuvers include:

Neck/Cervical Spine Stretch. With left arm at side and shoulder down, slowly bend the chin to the chest and turn toward the right shoulder. Use your hand weight and stretch by the left shoulder. Repeat the step on the other arm.

Triceps Stretch. Bend the right elbow and use the left arm to push the bent elbow up and behind the head until a stretch is felt on the other side of the raised arm. Do again the step with the other arm.

Do a 20-minute cardio proper or weight training. To achieve a total gain on the muscles, the routine should consist of weight exercises with 8 to 12 range of repetitions with weights heavy enough to complete the number of repetitions. Allow to rest between sets to allow the body to recover the normal breathing.

For muscle gain, the recommended rest is 3-5mins per set on a one to two hours every other day while one to two hours working on a different routine. A one day rest is needed for the worked out body part to enable recovery and form of the muscle. So for the gym buffs that are always present in the gym make sure that you are working on a different set of muscle group or body to part to allow healing time of the previously worked out muscle.

Sample bodybuilding workout:

Back/Biceps: Bent-over barbell rows, One-arm dumbbell rows, E-Z bar preacher curls, Hammer curls, Close-grip cable rows, One-arm cable curls, Standing barbell curls, Lat pull downs

Chest/Triceps: One-arm triceps extensions, Skull Crushers (Lying French Press), Incline bench press, Cable crossovers, Pectoral flyes w/dumbbells, Flat bench dumbbell press, Triceps Press downs

Cycle 1: Whole Body, Cardio, Whole Body, Cardio, Whole Body, Cardio, Rest
Cycle 2: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Cardio, Back, Biceps, Calves, Cardio, Hams, Glutes, Abs, Cardio, Rest
Cycle 3: Chest, Triceps, Back, Biceps, Cardio, Legs, Abs, Shoulders, Traps, Cardio, Rest
Do these cycles for 4-6 weeks or until you see results.

Cool down. The 10-15 minutes cool down can be a jogging or a walking to slowly bring your body temperature at the normal level.

Post-stretching exercise for about 5-10mins.
The four most effective bodybuilding workouts that should be included in the routine are bench press, squats, military press, and dead lifts.

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