Motorcycle Storage: Tips from the Pros

You love your motorcycle so much you would skip riding your friends new SUV because you just enjoy the cool brush of the breeze though your hair as you cruise through the road. But now it is winter and you cannot dare put it on the road because that will almost be suicidal. So, what motorcycle storage techniques should you use to make sure that it stays in perfect condition and will be ready for riding next spring?

Here we will look at how you can maintain your motorcycle while you anxiously wait for spring to come knocking. Here are a few tips that I use and that may also help you, too.

Charge Your Battery: You know that your motor bike discharges totally after about two weeks. The implication is that if you leave it like that for three months, you will have to buy a new battery at the beginning of next season before you can hop on that bike again. A way out is to buy a battery charger that you can permanently attach to the battery thereby allowing it to charge automatically. It shuts off when the battery is full and recharges it when it becomes too low.

Maintain the Fuel System: Overtime the fuel will become stale, become gummy and build up varnish. This could result in hard time for you starting the motorcycle next season. To prevent this, you could use any of the fuel additive products out there to help stop the unpleasant effects of aging gas and stabilize the fuel system.

Maintain Good Temperature: If you keep your motorcycle in a place of humid temperature or very hot temperature you may damage it and even cause it to crack. A possible solution is to store your motorcycle in a heated garage. But if you dont have that you can buy a good motorcycle cover and keep it wrapped in that. You will then have to take out every few days to get some sunlight. This will ensure it neither gets too heated to cause it to crack nor suffer from moisture that may damage the tires among other parts.

If you follow these motorcycle storage tips you would in addition to saving yourself a lot of money buying new motorcycle parts, also be saving yourself a lot of headache.

But one more thing before you hop on that motorbike when spring comes around make sure you do a thorough safety check on your motorcycle. See to it that your riding gear, safety equipment, switches and lights are fully operational. And dont forget to have your motorcycle insurance policy current.

Just remember, when spring is here again ride safe.

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