Mostly Asked Hotel Front Desk Interview Questions

Front desk personnel are the people employed in hotel who are responsible for registering guests upon arrival and checking them out upon departure. They are the first people who welcome and assist guests in a hotel.

Interviews for the post of hotel front desk can be embarrassing and nerve-racking. Given below are some common interview questions that come up again and again during interviews for the post of hotel front desk.

1. What do you know about the roles and responsibilities of front desk staff in a hotel?
The business responsibilities of a hotel front desk include taking reservations by phone, canceling reservations, checking in guests, checking guests out, and keeping the front desk area and lobby clean and presentable.

2. Can you please compare your verbal skills to your writing skills?
Well, both oral as well as written skills are equally important in this industry. I pay identical importance to both of them and I always try to take advantage of opportunities to develop my oral and written communication skills.

3. What job specific tasks have you performed in your previous organization?

In my previous hotel I performed variety of occupation specific tasks which include checking out the in and out time of all the customers timely and creating database which include customer’s names, address, telephone numbers etc. I also supervised all the staff by assigning them work, maintained the desk area neat and clean, and managed the customer related tasks such as giving room, taking cash, providing customer requirement etc.

4. Please elaborate about the skills and qualifications that you have for this post?
Well, I have handsome experience of more than 5 years in this field. I am efficient in creating database by using MS Access and SQL, supervising all the duties of staff and performing activities such as faxing, coping documents, answering phone calls and mailing. I also possess excellent communicational, interpersonal, organizational and problem solving skills.

5. How do you spend your free or leisure time?
This question is basically asked to know your interest and hobbies. You can impress an interviewer by your answer. You should highlight activities you enjoy that demonstrate risk taking, recharging and an outgoing personality.

Read the above listed questions carefully and practice their answers. These questions will be surely helpful for those people who want to make career in this field. Do not forget to say “Thank You” to the person who interviewed you.

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