Most Common Auto Accidents and Seat Belt Injuries

Auto accidents are becoming more common every day. Different factors cause each accident. An accident can occur even with the most experienced driver; lack of experience is not the only cause of accidents. The impact of car accident is worsened by seat belt injuries. Seat belts are supposed to protect you, but sometimes when they are of poor quality or made with outdated technology, there is a chance that the seat belt might snap, tear or allow too much slack. This can cause severe injuries for which you can hold the product or car manufacturers legally liable. scottsdale seat belt injury lawyers  can help you obtain legal compensation in such a case.

Accidents can occur even at low speeds. They can be classified as collisions under ten miles per hour. These accidents are common while backing out of a driveway or parkway or even while driving through neighborhoods. Injuries during such accidents such as a whiplash can be quite severe. When the collision occurs from the front then the driver can see it and the body has enough time to brace for the accident. This kind of frontal collision includes trees, animals or other cars. Even frontal impact collisions can cause injuries to the neck or back or internal bleeding.


Scottsdale car accident attorney can guide you as to what is to be done in each kind of accident. Rear collisions can happen if any one of the drivers is distracted. This type can be categorized as an ‘at fault’ scenario. The more dangerous kind is side collisions in which the driver’s or passenger’s head can hit something to the side of them like the window or door. This can be more severe if there are no air bags to protect you from the sides. Another type is a collision that can occur at a “T” intersection. This usually happens because of the careless of at least one driver trying to drive through a red light or speed through where not allowed.

One way to avoid accidents is to drive safely. Always carry a pen and notebook and a camera to record any evidence during an accident or document any proof. This can help you in case you decide to file a lawsuit. Always carry a first aid kit in case of any emergency, to look after any minor injuries if the ambulance takes too long to arrive. Scottsdale auto accident attorneys can represent you in the court of law and make sure that you claims are met by the insurance companies and the amount is fair and just to the injuries that you have suffered.

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