Mma Workout Routine

Due to all the physical attributed need in a MMA workout the one special routine will never exist that you can perform that will always and forever top any other MMA workout routine.

It is best to have fun and experiment! Many routines are out there to follow depending on what your training goals are.

A buddy I know who is a trainer is currently training a fighter. The training program he constructed was for the factors he wanted to improve on and strengthen his weaknesses.

It was a 2-3 times a week training to be done quicker and quicker to develop muscles. The exercises in the workout basically targeted the muscles most used in MMA and tied in both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

He offered to take me through it. It was a little under 40 minutes, gave me a true sense of changing my workout routine.

You never want your body to get too comfortable with a workout. Always change the parts of the body you work on, add weights, and increase reps. This will make your body more flexible and agile to new regiments

Here’s the actual MMA workout routine:

1. 12 burpees with medicine ball

2. 12 pull-ups

3. 12 body-weight shoulder presses

4. 12 reverse rows

5. 12 single leg squats (each leg)

6. 20 push-ups

7. 30 second planks (elbows)

8. 30 second planks (top of push-up position)

9. 3 10 second sprints with 30 second rests in-between

This is ONE circuit, with each exercise to be done immediately after the other with no rest, with exception of in-between the sprints. Rest for 1 minute and then repeat the next circuit except only performing 11 reps for the first 5 exercises. Continue this circuit for 7 circuits, finishing off the last circuit with 6 reps for the first 5 exercises. Give this MMA workout routine a try, and see if you can beat my time of less than 35 minutes!

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