Mineral Makeup…the best in cosmetics

Mineral makeup is the latest and greatest trend in cosmetics. It is sold in highline department store counters, pushed and promoted on late night infomercials and touted in high fashion magazines.

Despite all of the different brand names and marketing strategies, most mineral makeup has remarkably similar ingredients. The commonly used minerals include micronized titanium dioxide, hydrated silica, iron oxide, silk mica, and micronized zinc oxide.

Micronized titanium dioxide, a common ingredient in sun block products, is particularly suited to protect skin from damaging sunlight. This white mineral’s crystalline structure naturally reflects and defuses the sun’s harmful rays. Micronized zinc oxide works in combination with the micronized titanium dioxide to reflect the sunlight’s dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

People that are subject to allergies or with very sensitive skin will find mineral makeup contains no irritating dyes or perfumes. They do not use talc and other fillers that can be harmful to the skin. The acne-prone will find mineral makeup is organic, hypoallergenic and oil free; it will not clog pores like some conventional cosmetics.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, mineral foundations can provide sheer to full coverage. A light, sheer finish can be accomplished by moving the applicator brush in small circles on the face. Mineral makeup can also provide a more opaque texture if applied in layers with a damp sponge, much like you would apply liquid foundation. Fortunately, the consistency of mineral makeup gives coverage without the thick, unnatural, pore-clogging consequences of traditional liquid foundation.

Although mineral makeup has been a fixture in high-end department stores and specialty cosmetics shops for several years, a handful of more economical options are now available online.

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