Mineral Eye Shadow Application Make-up Tips

We get many questions relating to the application of mineral eyeshadow and therefore we have composes a quick guide to applying mineral eyeshadow. Applying mineral eye shadow is very similar to using traditional eye shadow, with a few subtle differences!

We recommend always using a base on your eye lid that will work as a canvas to the colour itself.  This will prevent the eye shadow from creasing. You can apply mineral foundations or alternatively use our fantastic Mineral Eye Light. The Mineral Eye Light powder is great to conceal puffiness, redness and other signs of fatigue.

Once your canvas is on, you can start applying your mineral eyeshadow colours. Always apply lighter shades first, slowly working up to your final colour. Remember to always use colours that blend together naturally. You don’t want to see a clear line demarcating the different colours that you use. You want them to work together and blend together invisibly. Blending is one of the fantastic benefits of mineral makeup, you can create your own colour palate by mixing different shades and you can use these colours either wet or dry to create different effects. A useful trick is to dampen your brush before applying the shadow. It will make your shadow last longer and will help prevent flakiness.

Start with a light colour and apply it over your entire eye lid from lash line to brow. Use a larger flat eyeshadow brush such as our eye shadow brush #1 Always use good quality brushes – ours are made of goat’s hair which we recommend for suppleness.

The second step is to apply a medium mineral eyeshadow colour on the lower part of your lid from lash line to the crease of your eye using a smaller eye shadow brush. You can repeat this a couple of times if you really want to be creative.

Finally, once you are happy with the result use your darkest colour as a liner and apply along your eye lash line.

You’re done!

Smart: tick,
Gorgeous: tick,
Natural: tick,
Chemical free: tick

If you have any questions please never hesitate to contact me at carolyn@firstlightcosmetics.com

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