Milking the Prostate Gland: A Medical Procedure

Milking of the prostate is used for medical purposes to decrease pressure on the prostate. It is also referred to as massaging of the prostate which is used to help prevent prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia also known as BPH.

A prostate massager is generally used for prostate massage. The massager is shaped much like a finger with a slight curve in it. If a massager is not available a doctor can use the finger of a gloved hand.

Ok so you want to know what prostate milking is all about. It is a beneficial way for a man to keep his prostate healthy, a way to get a semen sample, or a way to obtain release built up secretions from the prostate. It starts with the male prostate gland, and a little internal massaging. This is how a Prostate Massage is correctly done:

The bladder and bowel must be empty. You might want to have the patient use a laxative or enema to clease the bowel the night before the procedure is to be done. Cleanliness is a key to keeping the procedure safe from passing bacteria and causing an infection. Use of a sterile glove and a lubricant are important to ease of entry into the anus and rectum, and also to reduce the risk of injury. Get the patient into a position that they would be comfortable in and would give you an easy way to access the rectum. Lying on the left side is often the preferred position.

Gently insert a well lubricated finger into the anus, until you can feel the prostate gland. The prostate gland is towards the front of the lower abdomin. When you find the prostate massage both sides with very gentle pressure (avoid the top of the prostate). This should induce the secretion of any built up fluids in the gland within a few minutes.

There are risks if not done properly, or if care is not taken to be gentle when massaging the prostate. One side effect is septicemia, which is a blood infection. This is a serious life threatening infection. Another side effect can be damage to the prostate or surrounding tissues. Care should always be taken when this procedure is done.

When inserting the massager or finger into the anus be gentle, and glide the finger or device in until the prostate is reached. Then very gently massage only the sides of the prostate until the prostate excretes the secretions. Try not to touch the top of the prostate.

Damage to the prostate or surrounding tissues can happen if care is not taken. Septicemia which is a blood infection can also occur, if the procedure is not sterile.

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