Mexican Castaway Stranded For 13 Months Is Being Sued for $1 million For ‘Eating His Colleague’

A Mexican fisherman is facing a $1 million (£650,000) lawsuit for allegedly eating the body of his colleague during a period of 13 months that he was castaway on a boat.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga, aged 36, was stranded 7,000 miles from Mexico after his boat was crippled by a storm in 2012.

Mr Alvarenga has strenuously denied cannibalising his colleague Ezequiel Cordoba, 22.

He stated that Mr Cordoba died within weeks of the ordeal from hunger and thirst due to his inability to keep down the uncooked fish and birds they caught.

After waiting a week with Mr Cordoba’s rotting corpse, Mr Alvarega claimed he tipped him overboard.

After 13 months drifting in the boat, living off rainwater, urine and turtle flesh- he reached the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where the residents took him in and helped him recover.

Mr Alvarega has planned to write a book about his ordeal and his representatives have spoken out that he is not a rich man despite the publicity.

The Cordoba family have also stated their belief that they deserve a share of any earnings Mr Alvarenga may earn from telling his story

His brother-in-law, Jorge Bonilla, told NBC News:  ‘Jose has no money, as a family, we try to help him by sending money for food and medicine.’

His lawyer Ricardo Cucalon, told El Salvador’s El Diario de Hoy newspaper: ‘I believe that this demand is part of the pressure from this family to divide the proceeds of royalties.

‘Many believe the book is making my client a rich man, but what he will earn is much less than people think.’