Mesa Windshield Repair, Why One Mesa Windshield Company Is Rated Best

MesaWindshields. Why One Windshield Company In Mesa Is Best.

The Insurance Institute Of America reported that, Mesa AZ has the most windshield damage in the nation!!Believe it or not, many Mesa residents are not suprised by the amount of windshield damage. Not long ago, I sat with Brian Burt, owner and founder of Rock Star Windshields & Auto Glass in Mesa.As we spoke, I learned just what makes Mesa such a hot spot for auto glass & windshield replacement.

During my trip to Mesa, I stopped by the Rock Star Windshield central office in Mesa. It soon became very apparent that this industry has felt little or no effect of the recent economic downturn. . I watched as five “Personal Auto Glass Aide’s,” as they’re affectionately called here, handled each customer call with care and attention. Being that I’m only human, I would clearly fold under the pressure of 50 call every hour. However, these windshield superheroes handle each call with a zen like poise.

Assingning a “Personal Auto Glass & Windshield Specialist” to each customer, Brian told me, assures a seemless installation every time.

We moved towards the back of the building when Brian allowed me into the glass house, a sea of windshields & auto glass. The glass houses and rocks cliche came to mind, but I reconsidered. I asked Brian why he would stock so much glass whe it would be easier just to buy aftermarket like 99{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the other auto glass & windshield companies?

Later that day, I was pleased to speak with Thomas, a Phoeinx Native, and long standing Rock Star Auto Glass client.This customer has been replacing his broken windshields with us for over ten years, Brian said proudly.

” I believe treating each customer like a friend is absolutely crucial. It’s what makes and breaks companies. I mean, without our customers, I wouldn’t be in business, and that is something I try to never forget.”

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