Men’s Skin Care – Some Beauty Tips For Men

Have you heard about “Man Skin Care?” If this sounds strange to some men, it probably sounded even stranger decades back. But not so now. The emerging boom in the market of skin care products for men sugggests that more and more men have gotten around to appreciate the value of skin care.

What is “man skin care?” Despite marked differences between the male and female hide, there are ways of skin care for men that follow the same steps or precedures applied by women when they attend to the upkeep of their own skin. An example is cleansing. As with women, cleansing aims to get rid of various kinds of dirt from the skin and prevent pores from being clogged. Unlike women, however, men are covered with oilier skin due to larger pores and bouncier sebaceous glands. Disabled skin pores trap oily compounds beneath them, causing skin irritations and infections. Thus cleansing becomes doubly important for men, and should be done as often as possible. Water soluble cleansers, rather than soap, have been proven to be more effective especially for facial cleansing.

Man skin care also shares with products used by women. Both sexes are better off with skin care products that draw on natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, sea salt and substances derived from coconut. Antiseptics made from natural oils like lavender, tea tree, etc. are highly effective for man skin care as they are for women’s needs.

Another example is the need for protection against skin cancer. Due to a more resistant nature of their skin against ultra-violet radiation, males maybe less prone to such type of afflictions compared to females. But where thorough skin care programming is concerned, men need protective measures just like women do. In this respect sunscreen products and moisurisers are helpful components of man skin care.

But beyond the parallelism between gender insofar as skin care is concerned, a lot of man skin care actually has something to do with shaving. Man’s facial hair often makes shaving a compulsory task. And it is one necessity where proper use of equipment and the right application of varius skin care products become indispensable parts of the routine. You may start with choosing your razors carefully. The swivel-headed types have been proven to minimize causes of accidental cuts; see it for yourself if they suit your needs too. Avoid scratching your skin with the razor by loosening up a bit on your grip of the handle. Slide your hand freely and gently with each stroke.

The skin care products you need for shaving should include either foam, gel or cream and aftershave lotions. Again be judicious in selecting the kind of products that serve you best. Many skin care products for men differ in their composition and suitability to varying types of skin. Your choice, therefore, must be guided by the type of skin you have or the degree of its oiliness.

Shaving takes away moisture from your skin. Although the relatively thicker and oilier male skin mitigates it, the loss should be compensated by using moisturising gels or creams. With upward massage-like strokes, apply them gently over your face after every shave. Shaving foams or gels with built-in moisturisers are also helpful. Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves.

Man skin care is not as hard and complicated as you, like many men, probably think. The ritual does not demand so much of your time. Its reward is a clean and healthy skin you can happily wear for as long as you want.

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