Men And Abdominal Exercise

One of the biggest myths in the body building and training world is that many crunches are more effective than few crunches. We have probably all seen Bruce Lee and other martial artists brag about doing several hundred crunches and situs a day. But why is it that we need to do so many? It is generally agreed that when we try to increase muscle mass, that 8-12 repetitions is the most effective method of growing bigger muscles. So why don’t we do the same number of abdominal exercises? It probably has to do with tradition and spill over from the boxing and military world, where abdominal exercises are often used to increase endurance and stamina as a whole.

In reality though, abs are muscles just the same as your pecs and biceps and respond in the same way to stimulation. That means trying to adjust the difficulty until you can do no more than 8-12 abdominal exercises. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. One is to use basic plate weights that you hold on your chest while doing crunches. This has the advantage that it is easy to adjust difficulty, just by using a heavier weight.

Another method is doing incline crunches. Use a bench that can be set up at an angle and see how many crunches you can do at that angle. Then adjust until you hit 8-12 pr. Set. As you get stronger, just set the bench at a steeper incline. These are two simple and effective abdominal exercises for men.

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