Medicine Ball Abdominal Exercises

I’m sure you’re thinking that situps work well for your abs right? Truth is, situps don’t even exercise your core muscles, they exercise your side flexors. What you haven’t heard of getting six pack abs is the use of medicine ball ab exercises. In this article you’ll uncover a few best-kept fitness secrets that big companies don’t want you to know about getting a six pack fast.

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Did you know that major fitness companies control what you see in fitness magazines? Yup, they show ads of their products to make you buy their product. Regardless of whether the product works or not is irrelevant since they publish articles just to make you buy their products.

I’m sure you’ve heard of bogus products such as the total tiger ab machine, or the newly popular ab lounge. Yes they have become popular, not because they work well, but because they have been highly marketed! Here’s a quick fact, you can use medicine ball ab exercises and achieve greater results in less time than those other bogus products.

Here’s the kicker, all you need to buy is a medicine ball for a whopping 20 bucks, save yourself a lot of money. Here are a few simple and highly effect ab workouts you can do with these medicine balls.

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Take a 5-pound medicine and do circles: begin by standing up and holding the ball straight up, go in a clockwise motion with the ball, then go counterclockwise for a whole 3 minutes. This focuses your core area and really builds the muscle.

Another great workout is to lay on your back with the ball just above the ground behind your head, lift your legs straight up, and reach for your toes while lifting and contracting your ab muscles. This one is my favorite and really chizzles your abs.

If you are feeling hardcore, you can also do leg lifts, hold yourself up on a bar, grab the medicine ball with your feet and do leg raises, this rips out your lower abdominal area, giving you the V look that everyone wants.

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