Medical Resume Cover Letter – Cover Letter Tips to Get Hired Fast

My medical resume cover letter gets results.  Not because I’m an exceptional writer but because I engage the reader with my cover letter.  I make every effort to have the reader turn the page and review my resume as they read the letter.  Here’s what I mean.

Especially in the medical field, you want a custom cover letter for your resume.  The reason I say this is that there is a lot of competition and you want to stand out.  If the cover letter starts to sound like all the others you’ll be bunched in with all the others.  Avoid using generic phrases that sound redundant to the reader.  Remember, depending on the position the reader might be going through a good number of medical resume cover letters.  You’ll want to stand out.

Having some knowledge of the company always helps.  You’ll make it to the interview more times than not if they can take from the medical resume cover letter that you know about the company and have an interest in being part of something not just another pay check.  If you’re wondering if the reader even notices your efforts, they do.  It’s always reassuring to see someone with interest take initiative and find out about the place their applying for.

As the reader goes through the cover letter, I always make reference to sections of my resume where I give more details about that specific point.  For example, if I make it a point to put across my being certified in some specific technique or field, I’ll touch on it on the letter and point them to the section of my resume specifying where I got those credentials or who I was working at the time or how I made a difference in someone’s life, etc.

Spiking the interest of the reader and knowing about the company and those who work there that you might want to learn from can also make a difference.  Put across the idea that you’re a team player and you look forward to working with who ever is an example at that institution.  For example, “I’m excited to work with Dr. What Ever whom I know worked on this, or I saw at a conference about that.”  You see where I’m going with this.

Standing out is not so difficult.  Having the right tools help.  By this I mean the correct lingo, if you will, for the field.  We all have certain terminology we use in our vocation or profession.  Understanding this is important.

To sum it all up, write a custom medical resume cover letter.  With information you know about the place you’re applying to and preferably in the same professional language the reader can relate too.

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