Medical Insurance and Hospital Benefit

When talk about medical bill, the increasing rates are at a startling pace. There’s a saying, “medical fees are getting very expensive, if you don’t have money, don’t fall sick”, or “high blood pressure and diabetes are wealthy people’s illness, there are not meant for poor people”. These are true, take for example; a diabetes patient needs two thousand dollars for treatment every month.

Why medical insurance

Today may be you are young and healthy, your immune system is strong, and you don’t need medical insurance. There are many people do not bother the way they eat and drink, in their dictionary there is no such thing as healthy food and healthy life style, all they concern is enjoyment. They only realize it when they or their loved ones contracted serious illness such as stroke, if this happens they need to raise fund for the emergency.

Stroke is the top killer in most of the country; this silent killer has shattered many people’s dream, paralyzed them physically and made them spent all their saving. Planning for contingency like this is not the priority for young people, but fortuitous event prompt you to think ahead.

To cope with such critical situation, your priority concern is cash for hospitalization, if operation is needed you have to prepare more cash. After that you need hospital care and rest, and you have to buy medicine. Therefore more and more people purchase medical insurance to manage unexpected emergency like this.

What are the benefits of medical insurance?

If you are admitted to hospital the insurance company will pay for your medical bills, which include the cost of operation, hospitalization or hospital care, medicine, and the income lost during this period of time. But the compensation varies; it depends on how much you want your coverage to be.

Medical insurance and hospital benefit have some exclusions, there are certain kinds of illness are not under cover, therefore read through the specification before buying, and bear in mind, this policy is only for hospitalization and it is not life insurance, no death benefit is provided to the buyer, perhaps you can browse through health insurance or medical insurance or long term care insurance, please log on to for other types of life insurance.

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