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According to the resumes that are distributed to large corporations and small businesses, only good guys look for jobs. This appears to be especially true in the information Technology field. you will never see a resume that shows that a project was cancelled, or that the programmer was removed from a project because of his inability to meet the requirements of the corporate or a client. Instead, the resume’s all show that only the simplest of the best are looking for work.


If are the best of the best – then why are they seeking work? Why have they had so many different jobs? Why are not these firms treating these IT professionals better? Well, the very fact is that the bulk of resumes submitted are choked with lies and incorrect information. sadly, once an organization checks a possible worker or contractors work history, are very restricted in the queries that they’re allowed to raise and past employers are typically reluctant to offer information, sticking out with employment dates and beginning and ending salary information.


Work history and performance are not the only lies and incorrect information that you simply can notice on a resumes. people conjointly tend to lie around their education and accomplishments. They understand that although their education will simply be checked, most employers will not take the time or use the resources to do this. They conjointly understand that accomplishments are rarely checked – in order to do that they will simply go away with stretching the reality, or telling a straight out lie.


Personal references are useless once it involves finding out about somebody. do you very think that they might list somebody that would say negative things concerning them? in fact they will not. they’re only about to give you the names, addresses, and phonephone numbers individuals, can create them look good – then they’re going to coach those people concerning what to say and what to not say before you decision.

With all of these resume lies and half truths, it’s virtually not possible to search out IT professionals which will handle the task that you simply try to fill. several employers have even started contacting IT colleges to rent students and up to date graduates – who are immensely inexperienced – simply to avoid the chance of hiring somebody who has lied on their resume. when they do hire somebody who has lied, they usually conclude – too late – that the person failed to have the required skills to handle their IT project. This prices the employers hundreds and even thousands of dollars in lost time, lost clients, and salaries that are paid out to these unskilled people.


To be a victorious IT professional with good qualification under recognized university like MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University) one must MDU could be a regime university under Haryana Government, since those who do degree courses are eligible for applying jobs in both Govt. and private sector.


Now, MDU has started admissions for degree courses for the year 2016. we Winsoft Education Technologies are the admission center for MDU and that we are providing scholarships for SC/ ST quota under MDU tips.


Admission Requirement:-


Eligibility Criteria: – Minimum 50{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} aggregate in each 10th and 12th (PCM/ PCB).


Duration: – 2 years


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