Maximum Growth Hardgainer Workout Routine

Being a hard gainer is one of the most frustrating things in the world to be, especially if you are working out for a long time and not making progress. Its even more heart breaking when you have tried dozens of different weight training routines you see in magazines.

If you are one of these people what you need is a hardgainer workout routine that fits your genetics. Most training routines can over-tax the nervous system of a hard gainer thus using all of its regenerative powers just to stay even. We do not want to stay even, we want to add muscle and add size just like the next guy.

In order to do this sometimes we need to make unbelievable changes to our routines. One thing that I have seen work most often is an abbreviated workout. It sounds like a stupid idea but it almost always works for hard gainers. An abbreviated hardgainer workout routine is not only the solution but it takes up fewer hours in the gym and you finally start to grow muscle.

Unfortunately, most hard gainers never hear about an abbreviated routine before they end up giving up. You can’t blame them if they have body built for 2 or 3 years and made little or no gain, its like smashing your head against a wall.

Hardgainer’s Motto – Never Say Die

If you know that you have tried several things and accomplished little so far than its time for a dramatic change in your routines. There is always a solution it just takes us time to find it in life. Since you’ve probably tried adding more weight or adding more reps lets go in the opposite direction.

We will really scale down our workouts and watch and be surprised by your body’s reaction. When you start doing the hardgainer workout routine you may think that you aren’t doing enough. But you will discover that your body is less stressed and will finally have enough fuel to let you add muscle and gain weight.

You are going to be scaling back the total volume of your routines and most probably the frequency, if you are an ultra-hardgainer. But you must to give this a try, because it has helped literally thousands of other hardgainers. One technique that I have tried is instead of focusing on single muscles we work on complete muscle groups with one exercise.

We will do the fundamental moves like presses, pulling, squatting and the deadlift. But we are doing an small routine so we will want to do the least number of exercises but the most efficient exercise to hit more than one muscle. We are doing a whole body workout as quickly as possible. The simplest example to give is the bench press. It works the pectorals, the deltoids and the triceps all at once.

We will be working exercises like this to maximize our effort and minimize working individual muscles that haven’t been growing doing other workouts. The reason for this is again that the hardgainer’s ability to recuperate and grow is not as great as other body types. This isn’t a bad thing in life, just in weight training.

You are forunate in the fact that you can eat whatever you want and not get fat. Some people hate you for that, but I digress. Here is an simple example of a hardgainer workout routine very much like one shown in the book Beyond Brawn by Stuart McRobert (a book which I very highly recommend!).

Day 1

* Squat 1 x 20

* Bench press 2 x 6

* Overhead Press 2 x 10

Day 2

* Stiff-legged Deadlift 2 x 12

* Chins 2 x 8 (with added weight)

* Calf raises 3 x 15

These exercises must be done with good form, no swinging the weights or lunging or lifting your hips for help. Proper technique is a must as always to get the most out of this abbreviated workout. And when you notice the first exercise is 20 reps don’t think that I expect you to do a low intensity set.

This is a pushing you to your limits to be able to barely finish the 20 reps so that you are achieving the most anabolic value out of the set. In this hardgainer workout routine you will notice that the muscle groups do not overlap. Since we are not isolating a muscle we are trying to work a single group at a time so you can recuperate faster and grow muscle.

You will notice that both exercise routines are less than 10 sets total and work half of your entire musculature. Don’t think that you are going to be getting off easy here. If done right you will be seriously fatigued by this short workout. This is one of the simplest exercise routines that I can think of if you have been working out for a while and haven’t made much progress due to your genetics.

It looks simple and it is short but it can be the solution you have been looking for. The magic behind this hardgainer workout routine is your major intensity that you put into each rep since the workout time will be short. Really give it 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} effort on each exercise and your body will explode.

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