Manzanillo Mexico

Manzanillo Mexico Travel Guide

Manzanillo Meixco is one of the best tourists destinations in the country. Manzanillo can be found between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the state of Colima. The laid back manana attitude, charming surroundings, and undiscovered feel of this city is what makes Manzanillo Mexico a real find.

The average temperature of 80 °F for this area. It is on the same latitude as Hawaii, so it gets similar weather. Really it is the best climate on the coast, cooler than Acapulco, and less humid than Puerto Vallarta. The tourist scene in Manzanillo is among the best, much of the food is very delicious, plenty of beautiful uncrowded beaches to satisfy even the most picky beach bum, and the nightlife is one-of-a-kind.

Visiting Guide:

* Best time to go: December-February (high 85º, low 68º, temp is cool, water is still warm)

* Average annual temperature: 82º

* Hottest months: June-September

* Coolest months: December-March


There are so many great resorts to choose from. From the huge and popular Las Hadas, to the gorgeous Hotel Tesoro, the family friendly Club Maeva, and the exotic Barcelo Karmina Palace. These resorts are all inclusive and give you everything you could need.


Restaurants in Manzanillo Mexico span the whole spectrum from casual to fine dining. L’Recife and El Vaquero are always popular. If you had to pick a specific food that defines Manzanillo Mexico it would be the taco. Nowhere else do you find as many taco stand and varied styles of tacos. Be sure to try them all, you will love it!


You will find tons of local arts and crafts at great prices in Manzanillo. Check out the local markets for some of the best deals around. Local vanilla, silver, and indigenous arts abound here. You won’t lack for souvenirs in this part of Mexico.


Within walking distance are some of the most beautiful volcanic sand beaches in the country. One of the most popular swimming beaches is La Audiencia on the far side of the Santiago peninsula and San Pedrito. You can also walk a little North to Mirimar or a few minutes South to Las Brisas. In the downtown ‘Centro’ district of Manzanillo there is even a black sand volcano ash beach hidden away from prying eyes.

If you like surfing or water sports head to the Santiago Bay. You will see local surfers shredding the waves there. You will see surfers there early in the morning, and from 6-9 in the evening catching the best waves of the day.

The diving and snorkeling in Manzanillo Mexico is top notch. You can dive a sunken ship, swim with dolphins, see tons of tropical fish on the local coral reefs. In short you will find no end to gorgous diving in Manzanillo.

There is also excellent golf, horse back riding, trails, ATVs, biking and kayaking to be discovered here. If you are planning a trip to Mexico consider a Manzanillo Mexico vacation as your destination of choice.

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