MalwareWar is a Devious Rogue

While MalwareWar promotes itself to be a legitimate spyware removal application, it is actually a rogue security program designed by hackers for the purpose of stealing your money. This program hopes to alarm the user by displaying security alerts that warn them of infected files and other security threats that exist on their PC. This malicious program assures the user that if infections are found during the scan they offer, they will be removed so that your computer is secure once again.

The problem? It is all a total lie. MalwareWar is actually spyware, and does not have the ability to scan your PC for any type of security threat. The results that you see if you do fall for the scam are made up. This program cannot detect anything, and certainly cannot remove anything that may or may not exist. While they will inform you that you must purchase the full product in order to eliminate these threats, be warned that you may as well set your money on fire, as this rogue is completely bogus. The only thing it is really capable of is causing problems and potential damage to your PC.

What are these problems? First of all, rogue security programs like these often install more malware, which makes things worse. They often have the ability to modify system files and collect information about your online interests, as well as private data. Upon start up of your computer, the program will remain resident and run constantly in the background, taking up valuable system resources. This means that your PC may become slow or unstable.

Other symptoms that are common with these malicious applications are incessant pop-up ads and security warnings, browser redirection, spam emails and a changed home page. You may find that it is nearly impossible to visit a website you are trying to visit. As time goes on, the symptoms get worse, making it hard to do anything at all on your computer. These programs are dangerous, and should be removed at once when you realize that a problem exists.

You may be tempted to remove MalwareWar yourself, but this is a process that is not easy, and can cause damage to your computer because of the difficulty level. To remove spyware and other parasites, you should use a reputable antispyware tool that guarantees 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} removal of all infections and security threats, so that your PC is protected once again.

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