Making Great Stretching Routines a Part of Your Day

Copyright (c) 2009 Nancy Rishworth

Flexibility exercises are an essential part of a good fitness routine. When you use a great stretching routine, you greatly improve flexibility. You’ll find it benefits many areas of your life, including less stress, more energy and improved performance.

More people are ailing from a lack of flexibility and core muscle strength. As an example, lower back pain affects millions of people in the United States, and we spend millions of dollars trying to fix or mask the symptoms of lower back pain. Great stretching routines will strengthen those lower back muscles, prevent pain, and improve flexibility.

Stretching exercises in general fall into three types of exercises: static, dynamic, and ballistic stretches.

– Static stretches – These stretches hold a stretch for a given amount of time – say from 30 to 60 seconds. While you are stretching your muscles, you focus on your breathing and attempting to relax the muscles.

– Dynamic stretches – This stretching procedure involves movement throughout the stretch. For instance, dynamic stretching routines include a series of leg lifts or arm circles. One of the essential steps to remember when using a dynamic stretching routine is that the movement is carefully controlled. Uncontrolled movement could result in an injury.

– Ballistic stretches – This type of stretch involves moving your muscles in a vertical movement and using inertial pressure to enhance the stretches. When not done correctly, ballistic stretches can cause muscle tension or pain instead of relaxation.

Adding great stretching routines to your daily activities does not have to be time consuming. You can simply devote 10 minutes to stretching out your muscles. When you integrate great stretching routines into your life, you’ll immediately notice the results. Not only will you improve flexibility, but you will also reduce stress.

Stretching procedures are great for releasing stress that is typically held within your muscles. Have an aching back or neck? A few stretches help release that muscle tension and get the blood flowing to those tense muscles – you immediately feel better.

In addition to releasing that stress, a great stretching routine will also improve your flexibility. That makes you less prone to injuries. When your muscles are stretched, the muscles are better able to absorb shock – therefore, less likely to become injured by unexpected movement.

Stretching also improves muscle strength. As your muscles become stronger, you can carry out your daily activities or sports with greater ease.

Great stretching routines can help you feel better, improve flexibility, and make daily activities more fun and effortless. Take the time to add some stretching activities to your routine and feel the benefits.

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