Makeup Tips for Redheads

Crimson Red Curly Hairstyle

Having red colored hair won’t make our choice easier. Specially if it is the natural hair color, which means a bright skin tone and perhaps some freckles. But that doesn’t mean there’s no chance for redheads. You just need to know which colors and makeups work for you and which won’t. Don’t forget that red hair provides a fairy tale look, specially if you have blue or green eyes. Just fallow these few tips and choose from the various perfect makeups for redheads.

Flawless Skin

Usually redheads have pale skin, so try to use the foundation and powder that matches the skin tone. Of course, if you want to hide your freckles, you’ll need a product that perfectly covers them. Make sure it works before you buy it and try it out.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to fide them. Freckles can look youthful and fresh, so if you don’t really have problems with them, embrace the beauty of nature. They are quite in trend lately.

Find the one that’s best for your skin type and finish it with a translucent powder for a matte finish. Hide your flaws and don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun damages. Use sunscreens for the best protection of your skin. You need to pay more attention to this than any other skin type. To make sure you have the necessary protection, use a moisturizer that contains SPF.

Basic Colors in Redhead Makeup

For the best effect, choose from the brown or green, earthy shades of eye shadows. It will emphasize your eyes and make the red hair look glamorous. Also, a plum, golden and reddish colors will make a hot look for the formal occasions.

The mascara should be brown also, because the black makes the contrast to strong, so that it will make the skin look even more pale.

As for the eyeliner, use a brown, gray, or purple eyeliner and avoid black ones. Everything is about having a soft look, without to much contrast that makes the face look overdone.

Lips and Cheeks

For your lips, try the nude look, a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss. Keep it natural, so that you’ll have a fresh look. Having red hair is already a sophisticated part of your look, so don’t try to make it to complex. For a formal occasion you can opt for darker shaded lips, but than leave the eye makeup more simple. It will add drama to the entire makeup.

And for the final touch, use a peachy shaded blush or coral ones, to keep the look fresh and natural.

Red hair has a unique elegance and glamor which doesn’t need to much makeup to emphasize the look. They are considered the most charming and attractive women. Have a look at the celebrities makeup and get inspired. Many of them opt for the red hair trend and create gorgeous makeup to match with it: Ashley Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Marcia Cross, and many others.

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