Makeup tips: Best ways to enhance blue eyes

Best ways to enhance blue eyes.

There are a number of simple ways to enhance blue eyes. Like with most makeup tricks, the best way to start is with a smooth, even canvas. Many blue-eyed women also have fair skin, which tends to be blotchy and uneven, especially around the eye area. Purple or red undertones in the skin will detract from any makeup technique applied to the eyes. After applying moisturizer and foundation to the skin, use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, and gently pat it under the eyes, in the corner of the eye near the bridge of the nose, and anywhere else redness shows through the foundation. Blending well is key, so it often helps to apply an eye cream or moisturizer specially formulated for the eye area before application. Apply a touch of the same concealer, or light eye primer to eliminate the redness that can occur on the eyelids. Already, these simple steps will help draw attention away from redness or blotches, and to your striking blue eyes!

After prepping the undereye area and the lid, the next step should focus on the brows. The eyebrows frame the eye and add definition to the entire face. Professional brow shaping is often the way to go – this can easily be maintained at home with a good pair of tweezers and a small pair of scissors. As part of the daily routine, fill in any sparse areas in the brow with brow powder or gel. An eyebrow pencil often creates harsh, artificial lines that can age the face, so stick to something softer that blends well. Medium grey tones can work well on ash-coloured hair, while a slightly warmer taupe will work for hair with golden tones. After the brows have been defined, apply a highlighter under the highest part of the arch. A shimmery eyeshadow can work well in place of a dedicated highlighter, and has more uses. Blend the highlighter in to accentuate the angles of the face. The same highlighter shade can be applied to the inner corner of the eye and blended to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Shadow and liner choice for blue eyes is easier once the eyes are clearly defined by the brows. Simple principles of complementary colours can be applied, although any colour of shadow can be used. Colours that are complementary to blue are in the orange range, so warm browns, coppers and golds can be used to make blue eyes pop. Simple liner, in warm brown or earthy khaki, can quickly enhance blue eyes. With any choice of shadow colour, curling the eyelashes and adding a few coats of a soft black or black mascara opens the eyes up and adds further definition.

These simple techniques can be done alone or in combination to heighten the appearance of blue eyes. For a quick, every day routine, applying foundation, defining the brows and applying some highlighter and mascara will enhance the eyes without taking tons of time, or appearing overdone for day. Add shadow and liner for a night out or for a more striking look.

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