Make Guy Want You – 3 Tips to Getting the Man of Your Dreams Today

Are you wishing to make guy want you? Sometimes it just seems that we can’t do anything right and he is not interested in any way. If you have spent more than one night hugging your pillow wishing that he was there with you then you need help. You need help so that you can change from hugging the pillow to hugging your dream guy! Let’s now go on to talk about 3 tips to getting the man of your dreams.

Understand Their Needs

Understanding the needs of the man that you are wanting is going to be the key thing in getting him to fall for you. If you find out that he likes sports then offer to bring some awesome dip to the next super bowl party, If he likes bowling then buy him a new bowling ball case. There are many different things because guys needs are different so you are going to have to make observations about this man’s needs.

Care For Them

Make guy want you! When you get around the man that you like so much they love a woman that will cater to them. If they need something go and get it for them. If they have had a hard day let them talk to you about it. Let them tell you what someone at work did to them. There are many different ways that you can care for them.

Give Them Their Guy Time

Every man likes to have some time with the guys. You should not feel jealous of this time. Guys need to be around guys every once in a while. You don’t want to be responsible for all of the needs of your partner now do you?

Now there are just a few ways to make guy want you. Want more…look below!

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