Magic Mountain: An Extreme Thrill Seekers Paradise

Roller coasters and extreme rides are the staples of Magic Mountain. Presenting visitors with the chance to indulge in a range of death defying rides, guests will surely not regret visiting this theme park.

Distinctly separating itself from Disneyland in the nature of its rides, it should be noted that this park is less suited for younger children. However for everyone else, it presents a dream come true. Despite this, younger children do frequent the park and are equally likely to enjoy the array of rides that are on offer here.

Roller coasters make up the bulk of this park and just about every variety that is imaginable can be found here. Extreme roller coasters rocket off visitors at breakneck speeds around the theme park, through twists and tight turns that is sure to make your stomach churn. These rides are most certainly not for the faint of heart and when at the top of some of the roller coasters, visitors should not look down. The most impressive of these behemoths are the Viper, Flashback, Goliath, Ninja and Colossus.

It isn’t just roller coasters that can be found here, also included are various water rides, and other twisting and turning rides. But beyond the various rides there are also various mascots that walk around the park which includes the likes of Looney Tunes characters that are just perfect for kids.

However there are options for those who don’t want to indulge in the extreme. Numerous other rides with a more gentle tone are also on offer.

Variety is one of the fundamentals of this park as there are over 100 different rides to choose from ensuring that guests will most certainly not walk away disappointed. With so much on offer, Magic Mountain presents the perfect venue to enjoy a fun filled day for the entire family.

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