Lower Abs Workout For Dazzling 6 Pack Abs

Every workout program that you use should have exercises that train each part of your body. Exercises should be performed for each muscle group, chest, back, arms, legs and of course both lower and upper abs. The abs should be trained more often than the larger muscle groups.

Ideally you should target a different muscle group on each individual day. For example on Monday train legs, then on Tuesday train chest and so on through out the week. Doing things this way will make sure you don’t concentrate on some muscle groups and miss out on others. It is essential that your body stays in proportion and one area is not overly developed in comparison with another. If you are serious about you’re body looking good, proportion and shape are of utmost importance.

In your lower abs workouts you need to do 2-3 different exercises such as lying leg raises, leg scissors, and leg raises off the end of a bench. Each exerercise will hit a different area of the lower abs to ensure a through workout of this area. Then do 2-3 more exercises this time for your upper abdominals. Including sit ups, crunches and hanging leg raises for a complete ab workout. Training the midsection three times a week soon provide stunning results in this area.

The intensity does need to be increased each workout in order for your body to change as if there is no change in intensity there will be no change in your body, doing the same old routine will get you nowhere, intensifying your work out however will produce dramatic changes in your body. It important that you stick to your ab workouts and soon you will see starting results in your lower abs. It generally takes about three weeks to see visible changes and once these changes occur they gain in momentum. It’s like pushing a car, setting it in motion is the most difficult part but once it is moving it becomes much easier.

Start now with your lower abs workouts and soon you will have an amazing set of abs like the guys (or gals) in the magazines and you will feel proud to take your shirt off at the beach or gym.

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