Lower Ab Exercises: Effective Abdominal Exercises for Beginners

Beginners who are starting out in their quest for sexier abs tend to ignore lower ab exercises. They are more likely to go for sit-ups and crunches on the free hand side and may also use some machines for doing abdominal exercises at gyms. Unfortunately, what they miss out in the bargain is that none of these exercises are known to be helpful for lower abs and incidentally they will succumb to fatigue in early stages before they incidentally give up even before they think of doing the actual lower ab exercises. The following couple of suggestions are designed to help them look at lower ab exercises in a different light so as to fit in them.

In the scheme of things, it is difficult to think of quality ab exercises without working out lower ab exercises first. Working out from upper abs and then proceeding to lower abs will be useless as abs muscles will be already under stress subjected to sever fatigue. So, it’s a good idea to start with lower ab exercises and then proceed from there.

A good routine to your lower ab exercises must include reverse curls and leg raises in the core as they are specific to lower ab muscles. Beginning with these makes sure that you have begun on a positive note.

Reverse Curls

The first workout you need to fit into your lower abs workout is none other than reverse curls. Reverse curls entails lifting up your legs both bent at knees almost till they touch your stomach while holding your hands by your side. Repeat this from 10 to 20 times.

Leg Raises

The next exercise you will build in into your lower ab exercises is leg raises. A good practice to do leg raises is by first lying down on the back on the floor and then resting both of your hands by your side. Lift both of your legs simultaneously off of the floor to about 45 degrees taking care not to bend the legs at knee joints. Another thing to keep in mind is not to lower the legs so much as to touch the ground when you lower your legs. Repeat this from 10 to 20 times.

Make it a point to repeat these lower ab exercises 4-5 times a week.

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