London Vacation; Six Ways to Save Money

London is not just the capital of the United Kingdom; it is also a major metropolis that combines modern English facades with reminders of the distant past, when first Roman emperors and later on British royalty left their marks. Not surprisingly, London is a major holiday hotspot for couples with children, singles, and most certainly university students in between classes. Surprisingly, a London break does not have to be costly; as a matter of fact, there are six ways to save money that virtually anyone can incorporate into a breathtaking London holiday!

1. Head for the gardens. London is home to a plethora of gardens. There are Hyde Park, Regent’s Park that houses the London Zoo, St. James’ Park and of course also Victoria Park. These parks are famous for their lakes, splendid scenery and of course plenty of recreational activities for youngsters and students. Pack a picnic lunch or buy an inexpensive meal from a mobile vendor; enjoying the scenery is free of charge. We have many More London, England Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

2. Look for “kids go free” schemes at restaurants and tourist attractions. This is an especially good deal for a family with multiple children in need of entertainment.

3. Shop on discount travel sites to find cheap hotels in London. There are so many attractive venues that specifically cater for families on holiday or couples taking a short break; even though these deals may not be advertised locally, they are available online when searching such sites for a cheap hotel. City residents themselves are sure to find that seeking out cheap hotels in London — as part of a “staycation” scheme — is a lot less costly than taking a holiday elsewhere.

4. Ask for discounts. Student discounts are offered by a wide array of hotels. The same goes for traveller organization or automotive club discounts; these savings are rarely advertised but usually open to anyone, who asks for them.

5. Avoid entrance fees. The hottest clubs in London often have an entrance fee – but only for guests arriving at the peak hours! Avoid paying by arriving early, when the venue is still filling up.

6. Be open-minded. London is home to over 200 museums. A visit to South Kensington and its cheekily named “museum row” is an eye-opening experience! Check out the free days that museums usually offer during the first or last week of the month, and go wherever there is free admission. Sure, the Victoria and Albert Museum might not have been on the top of the list of must-see venues, but who knows what adventures and treasures wait there upon arrival?

Saving money on a London break is an adventure; after choosing the best cheap hotel in London, your stay promises to be a rollercoaster ride of sounds and sights that begs to be explored. We have many More London, England Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.