London, the Great City Rebuilt After Intense Ww2 Bombing

London is the capital of england & one of the world’s leading finance, business and cultural centres. in addition to this, the city’s influence on politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion & culture make it a major global city.

London boasts four World Heritage Sites, which are the palace of westminster, Westminster Abbey & St. Margaret’s Church, the Tower of London, considerable Greenwich, & the royal botanic gardens in kew.

In 1863, rising traffic congestion on roads in london city centre led to the creation of the world’s first underground railway system, the underground.

The city was bombed badly along world war 2 & multitude people died. following the war, multitude buildings in the city had to be rebuilt.

After world war 2, immigration changed London into one of the most racially & culturally diverse cities in Europe. Immigration wasn’t always smooth, because there were massive race riots in notting hill and brixton, but intergration was certainly more smith than in other english regions.

London is a exciting location for tourists, particularly because it has got so many museums and galleries. these museums include the Natural History Museum, which first opened in 1881. This exciting museum boasts a few amazing exhibits, which include the renowned replica diplodocus skeleton, often known as dippy, which is displayed in the museum’s central hall. Another exciting exhibit is the skeleton of a blue whale, which weighs a major 10 tons and is exhibited in the large mammals hall.

London is well-known for its shopping, which means that you’ll find everything from unusual independent stores and markets, to designer stores.

One of the city’s most well-known stores is Selfridges, which is on Oxford st. It was 1st opened in 1909 by Harry Selfridge, who wanted to make shopping lively rather than just a chore. He succeeded and the store now boasts 4 other branches in various cities throughout the uk.

London is well-known for its exclusive cocktail bars, night clubs & theatres. One of the best-known night clubs is Fabric , which is situated in Leicester Square. This massive nightclub has a capacity of 1600 & it attracts some massive name DJs, particularly on Fridays when it holds its famous Fabric Live event.

Another exciting nightclub is Ministry of Sound, which is situated in Southwark.

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