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Getting a job now is harder than ever do to the poor economical conditions in the country. Don’t give up! There are jobs available for you. Here are a few sure fire tips that will help you reach that goal ahead of the pack. Certain jobs will not require all this preparation so Job Search – Tips
This might be the most important phase of the employment process. Without a tentative employer there is no need to worry about the interview or resume. Where to Look: 1. Previous employers, acquaintances, friends and family and word of mouth. 2. Unemployment Office and Library 3. Local newspaper and close big urban center daily tribune paper. 4. Job placement companies which are temporary, extended term or permanent. 5. Employment sites are available on larger corporation web sites. 6. Internet- unlimited networking, blogs, twitter, my face, etc and job search web sites. Relocation might be necessary if you find the job on line. Resume-Tips
You can get a good resume without spending a large amount of cash. 1. State your goals in a decisive manner along with where to work and type of job preferred. 2. Make it simple by concentrating on your one best trait and enforce with a few valuable skills along with your education, experience and any merit citations. 3. Cover letter and resume to be e-mail friendly, do not attach but paste into the body of the e-mail and practice so it appears professional. Take 2 copies to interview. 4. Standard formatting is a 1″ left margin, 3″ right margin, text flush left with 12 pt. Courier font, replace all bullets with asterisks and use caps not bold and double space between sections. Use Notepad or Simpletext to reformat an existing resume. Prepare for the interview-Tips Interview process will be easier doing these steps: 1. Surf their web and get knowledge about the products or services of the potential Employer. 2. Personal and on line research is needed to discuss the job description and companys overall makeup. 3. Finding about the unwritten duties and other job responsibilities will help you in discussions with the Employer interview. 4. Emphasis experiences that best fit the requirements of this job in your resume. 5. Prepare your own portfolio of past job successes so you will be more decisive when answering questions about your resume and qualifications. 6. Interview is the first impression so get there early and be ready to stay late, clear your day and relax. 7. Remember to get the interviewers name and pronunciation when you arrive early that day. 8. Turn your cell phone off when you arrive at the office. Interview-Tips
Dress simply and act politely to present a positive image to the interviewer. 1. Be prepared to discuss and amplify everything in your resume; experiences, work ethics and track record. 2. Be polite and cordial to everyone in the company. 3. Show yourself as a people person as well as a problem solver during the interview. 4. Pay attention but relax and be at ease with taking a calculated chance when needed. 5. Thank them for the opportunity to discuss the job position. 6. A thank you follow up call or e-mail after the interview is a positive. Follow these tips and you will be successful.

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