List Of No Credit Check Apartments in NYC

Are you looking for an apartment in New York City but have been dogged by bad credit? This can result in nothing less than total frustration on your part especially because more and more apartments are resulting to routine credit checks on potential customers and applicants. Having bad credit can cost you a decent apartment or land you in a section of town that you did not anticipate living in.

In the last 5 years or so, the practice of conducting credit checks on all apartment applicants in NYC has accelerated living many individuals and families at a dilemma especially those that have had bankruptcies, repossessions, previous evictions and foreclosures. In many cases, the solution is to look for an apartment that is either willing to work with clients with poor credit or simply look for a complex that does not conduct credit checks. While most apartments do conduct routine checks, this does not mean that all of them actually will. There is a high demand for a list of apartments in NYC that overlooks credit ratings or does not bother to run credit checks on applicants. Here is a list of places to look:

Staten IslandBronxJamaicaQueensIthacaWest Catskills

It is also good to note that even though you do find a list of apartments that for one reason or another prefer not to conduct credit checks, you will be required to meet at least the most basic rental requirements. For one, you must have a job. This proof of employment and income is crucial because apartments want to be sure that you will fulfill your lease obligations. The apartments will also demand that you succumb to a background check which usually checks for serious felonies and sex crimes.

One of the easiest ways to find NYC apartments that do not conduct credit checks is to use the internet. This can save you time and money because other than highlighting locations where you can start looking, you can also read tenant reviews that tell you a little bit more on those apartments. This can help you make a more informed decision. You can also use apartment locators who do maintain lists of such apartments in The Big Apple. This is also another strategy that can save you time and money. As long as you indicate them as the referral when filling out your application, locators will usually not charge you anything for their service.

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