Liquid Vitamins and Minerals Supplements, Versus Pills and Capsules

Scientific tests have shown that solid pill and capsule forms sometimes pass completely through our systems without even dissolving! Compare this with liquid vitamins and mineral supplements. The results are astonishing! liquid supplements starts to absorb in our systems within three minutes! That’s a proven fact. We have many more Vitamins Help Articles Now Available.

What ever our eating habits are, most of us don’t get the daily amounts of vitamins or minerals allowed in the daily diet that our bodies’ need. There are not only good foods but there are bad foods that we eat also by habit or life style. We all eat the wrong foods at times. I know you can relate. Work hours, busy schedules or whatever reason these habits or circumstances still are harmful to our over all health in the long terms of shorter life spans and /or sickness.

Let’s take red meat for instance. The negative part of red meat is loaded with LDL cholesterol (that’s the negative one.) With that said many people are looking at supplements’, or should be, as an alternative to replenish there bodies needs whether age is catching up with them, or they just want to live healthier. Less red meats and more supplemental proteins and iron are, for sure, a great consideration.

“Absorption Rates Compared Between liquids Vitamins/Minerals and Pill Form Vitamins/Minerals”

The difference between liquid vitamins/minerals and solid vitamins/minerals are significant. In the liquid form the absorption rate is as soon as it is taken is when the body starts to take it in up to 3 hrs fully. Versus pill form because the body has to digest and to brake it down when taken, which can take up to 4 to 6 hrs before the body starts to take in all the vitamin & and minerals. In most cases you need to take pills more than once a day to get your daily value.

In liquid vitamin form you can get all your vitamins and minerals in a daily dose which means fewer doses? Ever tried swallowing a “HORSE PILL”? Yuk! In every case liquid vitamins and minerals are much easier to take, Absorb in lot less time (and are always absorbed), need be taken only ONCE a day to make up what you don’t get naturally through foods, what you body needs on a daily, monthly, yearly basis! Day after day. Month after month. Year after year.

“Cost Between liquid supplements And solid supplements”

For those who are fortunate enough to be called “in a normal state of health”, without doubt, liquid supplements are much more cost effective and affordable for the average working person. Regarding solid vitamin/mineral supplements that may vary due to quality, amounts needed. Does it really matter about cost? Such it really doesn’t matter! If you see the value of a healthy life and happy life style and think these things through. It doesn’t take an M.D. or a nutrition list to see these simple facts. We have many more Vitamins Help Articles Now Available.